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Hi! I’m Gayathri.
Glad to see you here!

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THe story of a Pixel
Our NFTs are not only creative, clever, and artistic digital drawings but are extremely unique, as they are crafted by our 11 year-old when she was 10, sharing her vision with the world!
The young artist expressed her creativity through her NFT collections that will surely find their place under the stars of the NFT market.

Birth of Kidthereum

our story
I live in Canada and my grandma came to visit us, she is from India, she saw my scribblings on pieces of paper, all around the house and have decided to create a platform for me, she bought me an ipad pro and spent her every last dollar towards my project. I dedicate all my works to her. Thank you grandma!

Future of Kidthereum

our roadmap
Jan 05
Arrival of the 'Artist
May 19
Grandma came to see us
Jun 28
Arrival of Vaishnavi
Jul 05
KIDTHEREUM Idea is born
Aug 19
Grandma bought me an iPad
Nov 28
'Pocket Pals'- completed
Jan 05
Fabled Friends work started
Apr 30
HBD Grandma- Party time!
Jun 01
HBD Mom.
Whitelisting begins
Jun 28
HBD Vaishnavi
Aug 31
Whitelist minting at 0.09 Eth
Aug 31
Pre-minting at 0.09 Eth
Sep 04
Public minting begins at 0.12 Eth
Sep 09
Pocket Pals Reveal
Sep 09
Pocket Pals Staking starts
Sep 10
30% of the sale proceeds to LP
Dec 03
Elite Club members minting @ 0.09 Eth
Dec 09
Public sale starts @ 0.13 Eth
Dec 12
Fabled Friends Reveal
Dec 12
Fabled Friends Staking starts
Dec 18
30% proceeds added to LP
Jan 05
Mar 04
Our Signature Art Launch
Elite Club members minting @ 0.15 Eth
Mar 10
Public sale starts @ 0.30 Eth
Mar 13
Signature Collection Reveal
Mar 13
Signature Collection Staking
Mar 18
30% proceeds added to LP
June 01
First PVP Game launch, using KTH tokens
Industry experts & are coming, to design my dream


solutions for the future
It's time to bring it all together. Nothing is more rewarding for me than making great work for you with meaningful missions.

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What to expect...

From the world's youngest
NFT Artist Pair

Our Genesis collection, rare of its kind by being the first. Genesis holders will enjoy special benefits throughout your Elite Club journey, works as a VIP pass.
Pocket Pal holders, will become Kidthereum Elite Club member and will be whitelisted for pre-minting at 0.03 Eth, public mint at 0.06 Eth. Exclusive- for Genesis holders.
Due to highly competitive nature of the NFT industry, we will have more updates, once when the art is complete. This time we are taking some professional expertise.

Club, Collections & Community

We are focused and determined on creating unique, never before NFTs & a community, beyond community- a movement, a bonded family! Special membership benefits & perks- Genesis holders will have exclusive benefits, as the artist is planning to meet you with many great new innovative works & this could be achieved only with your support. Every Elite Club Member is important to us and is eligible for lucrative holder recognitions, while the amazing NFT market, potentially appreciates the value of your NFT. Kidthereum NFTs are digital art series - genetically unique with their own digital fingerprint and DNA, each collection will use its own smart-contract with its own rewards mechanics, these collections will aim to cater everyone's interest. We are not stopping here! Get your POCKET PALS now and become a part of the KIDTHEREUM ELITE CLUB, and the journey continues to (We love surprises and believe you would love too).

Our Strength

Young & Passionate

We are a close team of creative sisters, empowering Kidthereum Elite Club.
We are passionate about creating a community, so get ready for an exceptional experience.

“We build thoughtful identities and experiences to elevate and empower the NFT enthusiasts.”